5 Facts about Gog and Magog (Yakjuj & Makjuj)

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5 Facts about Gog and Magog (Yakjuj & Makjuj)

Talk about the Violent and brutal, there will be no human being able to match the acision of these two races. Yes, Yakjuj and Makjuj are 2 very dreaded tribes in the Prophet Dzul Qarnain.

Until Yakjuj and Makjuj are in the bracket between the two hills using iron that is greted with fire. Perhaps in this case it is not possible to be disposed of by ordinary humans, but different PCs if that do are those who are already the choice of Allah SWT.

There were all 5 facts about the two tribes in the human history of the Yakjuj and Makjuj:

1. Yakjuj and common human beings

5 Facts about Gog and Magog (Yakjuj & Makjuj)

Yakjuj and Makjuj are two tribes of Adam AS the descendants of the prophet.

Perhaps if the public is listening to a story about Yakjuj and a cruel Makjuj, they will be desthy the monster of the monsters and even some who say that Yakjuj and Makjuj is a creature of Elien who is down the earth.

But in fact these assumptions have been opposed over 1400 years ago. As the case has been explained in the Qur’an that Makjuj is a hereditary of the Prophet Adam, which has made that a Yakjuj and Makjuj are human.

2. Imortal Man

Every human being will certainly experience the name of death, the average life of a human being can survive for 80 yearly. That is what is revealed by the WHO body, while some countries such as Japan, the hope of human life that is there is 83.91 years, while for our country Indonesia is around 68.9 years.

But it differs from the two tribes of Yakjuj and Makjuj. They were given the advantage of everlasting life or immortals until God withdrew their lives. If Dihitung-hitung until now their age is already more than thousands of years.

3. The most cruel man of human life history

If we think that the state of Israel that colonized Palestine is now the world’s meanest country, or how the country’s cruelty to the Rohingya Muslims. That’s not what the cruelty can do by Yakjuj and Makjuj on the final day.

This is a man who has no feelings and is very savage like a hungry beast. Whatever they meet will they hinstruct and destroy. If they meet with humans other than their group, the man will not be far from death.

They will need people on this earth. In the Qur’an it is also explained that they also intend to kill the inhabitants of the heavens by firing their arrows over the heavens. But to make them a child, God made their arrows filled with blood, and they thought that they had killed the inhabitants of the heavens.

4. The largest population of two tribes throughout life

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From some literature explains that later Gog and Magog will be past from their brackets. They are the water of the bah that descended from the top of the mountain that will destroy anything that is in front of them.

Their own amount is very much, comparison with man an eternal live the moment is 1:999. It is impossible for people to be able to fight against the tribe of Yakjuj and Makjuj. If they come at high-tech times like this moment we may only be able to fight them by shooting the atomic bomb in the midst of their swarm.

But when they came out of his own, the world has no more sophisticated technologies. Everyone can survive living with traditional appliances, so it is impossible for men at the end of the day and can fight the cruelty of Yakjuj and Makjuj.

5. People who can not soito be fluent like normal human

Yakjuj and Makjuj have one of the features of the yases not to speak well, and they will not be understood by the people living in the world. Until we are common people will not be able to do a fresh offer with them.

That is why if there is someone who sees human from a cluster of Yakjuj and Makjuj to immediately away and hide from them. Because they will not provide a good offering for us, that has the offering that they will provide is death.

Well that’s 5 facts about Yakjuj and Makjuj, hopefully this information is beneficial. And hopefully also we have never found these two groups in our lives.

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