Gog, Magong, And Dzul Qarnain

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Gog and Magong (Yakjuj and Makjuj) are interesting enough to be discussed, because we are the latter who are the people of the day should know about the Yakjuj and the Makjuj. What is Yakjuj and Makjuj? What did he elien as said by the public?

Yakjuj and Makjuj are descendants from the Prophet Adam, so this is the case that it has made it a human being and Makjuj. Then why should we preventing to meet the Yakjuj and Makjuj?

Well for this answer, let’s read it on a brief history of why Yakjuj and Makjuj are in the bracket by King Dzul Qarnain or the Prophet Dzul Qarnain.

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Prophet Dzul Qarnain

Once the Prophet Dzul Qarnain travelled to his areas of authority to ensure his community could live prosperous. In ancient times there were no cars or motorcycles as of today.

So then he traveled with horses, and of course this was a lot of time. One when he was on his way was in the passage of a person. That person is his people.

At that time he reported to the prophet Dzul Qarnain that there was a tribe that was completely ignorant of human language in general and they lived behind a mountain. But the tribe likes to make damage on the surface of the Earth.

The tribe referred to here are the Yakjuj and Makjuj tribes. It was then the revelation of God to the Prophet Dzul Qarnain to detain the tribe.

When the Prophet Dzul Qarnain sent his troops and people to find iron and put the iron between the two mountains. Afterwards with the miracle he had, he made the iron into a unified and a wall or wall that no one would be able to penetrate it except for God’s will.

In the walls are the two tribes Yakjuj and Makjuj are confined and will be loose in time.

Now from the story of history above we can already tell that, the Yakjuj and Makjuj people are Earth-wrecking people and will destroy anything that is before them.

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