Home Hobbit, a Spot to take pictures at the newest Tirtasari park

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There is a spot for the latest photographs at Tirtasari Park, yes the Hobbit house its name. For a friend Pituluik surely there is a stranger with home hobbit.

But friends don’t get me wrong, The Hobbit house lately is very popular loh abroad. This is of course due to the success of one of The films of The Hobbit. Because the shape of this Hobbit house is very unique, make some people inspired to make it in the real world.

In some areas such as in Jogja, The Hobbit house was used as a place to stay. And there are also some other areas that provide home hobbit only as a place to take photos, as well as The Hobbit house in Tirtasari Park.

Image source: @sintyaafriani29 

Tirtasari Park is a tourist attraction that is very suitable to be visited along with your beloved family. From some interviews we’ve done, many who mersa satisfied when visiting Tirtasari Park. Most of them say want to try a visit again.

Well after friends see the photos and the results of the interviews above for sure so want to come directly to the tourism place Tirtasari Park is not it?

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