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This time I won’t be discussing the material about coding logic first because it takes hard work and higher knowledge. What I’m going to cover right now is about how we learn coding especially for beginners who don’t have a besic about coding. Perhaps for people who are already in the world of programmers, coding is not the thing that is scary and difficult because it is their food a day, of course very different from beginners.

Although the author admits, the author is also not a master or an ekspert about programming but here the author will give a little discussion of the experience of the author himself in the world per Codingan. 

Cara Mudah Belajar Coding Untuk Pemula

Coding for Beginners

1. Choose one focus in the programming language you want to master. It is up to any programming language, can the desktop programming language such as Java, C++, C, and many others or can web programming language like PHP and others. But it all depends on where comfortable.

2. Always try to brainwave coding. With our brain coding we will know and will be able to get the name coding, wrong little GA problem. If you’ve been able to read them later in a special coding book or can also go through Google.

3. Error is a natural thing to learn, so don’t get discouraged. Everyone who is studying must often experience the name of failure, but to achieve success and can become a proficient person coding must have a strong baucalis. 

4. Look for tutorials from the book, whether it’s through buying a book or borrowing a book up to the importance of everything is a must have effort. Besides books can also search through the same internet Google also complete tu tutorials-tutorial. Or it can be through YouTube, suggestion anyway mending search through YouTube because there is more easier if you want to learn.

5. Take a few hours a day to coding and keep it intense. Remember the saying of Java says “Tresno Jalaran Soko kulino ” which means to like it because it is already terable. So if you are familiar with coding then it will be like a long time with coding activities. What else if we find the error and we can cope with it it feels like the fall of durian collapse and wow really. 

4-L Join the existing programming forums such as the ones in Facebook, Twitter and start sharing knowledge with others.
It should be from where the heck we learn to coding or learning about programming languages???

Then to learn Java give a little direction should start from where first. Kalo according to the author himself in learning Java Enini Follow a plot like this. 

1. Read about what Java is and what it needs.

2. Learning how to create a project, I recommend using the NetBeans IDE.

3. Learn data types and carriers.

4. Learn the condition selection (IF-ELSE or SWITCH CASE).

5. Learn looping or loops (FOR, WHILE and DO WHILE).

6. Learning Method (FUNCTION and PROCEDURE).

7. Learn a single-dimensional array and also two-dimensional or matrix then also an array of many dimensions.

Maybe it’s enough to make colleagues understand about the Java programming language. Basically it is the basic material in the lecture called the algorithm. So we are required to master it first to learn Java further because there is still a lot if we talk about Java.

Well so little science that I can give, of the lesser apologize
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