Who is Yakjuj and Makjuj, like what are their characteristics?

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Pituluik-Yakjuj and Makjuj were two tribes in the time of Dzul Qarnain. The second quarter was the descendants of Adam AS. Or can it be said they are the same prophet Adam.

Yakjuj and Makjuj were first discovered by the second time that was between two mountains. Because they are human beings with a feroak and violent nature. Thus, the community reports to the king, which is the king at the time, is Dzul-Qarnain.

But in the Qur’an is not clearly explained where the location of the findings of Yakjuj and the Makjuj, may have God a deeper tafsir study to know the location of a certain quarter. But according to the Asy-Shaykh Abdurrahman As-Sa’di, Yakjuj and Makjuj Keberadaannnya were at the back of let Qoqaz or that we knew with Kaukasus.

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Yakjuj and Makjuj

They also have physical traits such as short-body, wide-face, nasal nose, eye-petting, reddish skin color. As for their nature is greedy, anarchist, unforgiving, not to know me afraid, can not speak eloquently like normal people and many more traits they other.
For the problem of their number is 1 to 999 with the man on Earth on the final day of the future. This happens because they are eternal life and until later they are turned off by Allah SWT.
From some hadith say, if you see Yakjuj and Makjuj tribes. Then hide and go away sejauh-jauhnya that you will not die in vain by their violence. And in the Qur’an Allah also confirms that the Prophet Isa AS will descend in the end times to avoid these two groups of tribes.
Because it is so cruel man that God created this. Then surely we all wondered, to what cruel man like Yakjuj Makjuj created?
For this answer only God knows, and maybe Sudatu when we will know the actual answer why Yakjuj and Makjuj was created.
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