Yakjuj and Makjuj at the end of the time according to the Qur’an

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Yakjuj and Makjuj are two quarters that will be free from the latter at the end of the day. Where this quarter is currently in a bracket in a wall that is made of iron made by the Prophet Dzul Qarnain in the past.

We as a living people at the end of the day of course should be aware of the Yakjuj and the Makjuj. As a number of religions such as Islam, Kristen, Hindu, Jews and some other religions, it is reasonably confident that the man is cruel and the earth.

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In the clearing of the Qur’an, it is explained that the Yakjuj and the Makjuj are human beings that possess the characteristics of the Destroyer. They are also two tribes who do not understand human language in general.

Besides that in the Qur’an also described they will be released by God on the final day. When his release is Yakjuj and Makjuj is from its kind, they will be past as water descended from the top of the guning.

Besides that their amount is also very much, this dikarenakan them is given eternal life by sang creator. In the Qur’an explained that the second amount of the quarter with the number of people living on Earth was 1:999.

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Later when they last they would smash anything that was in front of them. Because of their very much, a river that has plenty of water can dry when they all drink.

There would ever be some people who could fight them, even the Prophet Jesus. That can kill Laknatullah’s Antichrist is unable to fight against Yakjuj and Makjuj. If we imagine this happen in the moment we live perhaps this is the krors we see.

What are friends of Pituluik brave living in times of Yakjuj and Makjuj?

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